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Crafting your

Crafting stand out identities,
engaging websites & typefaces.

Let us show you our innovative approach to design from eye-catching brands and identities, through to creative typefaces.

Our original work helps build brands and bring design to life. You can rely on us to build you a stand out brand, identity or website that perfectly fits your style and budget.

Design Services

Discover Craft Graphic, a design agency specialising in edge Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and WordPress solutions.

Our Bespoke Design Services range from Identity Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing through to full Branding Solutions. All our work stems from understanding our clients problems and goals, and together we work to design and build a unique outcome to help make your company thrive.

Explore our
Creative Outcomes

We have worked with some inspiring people in many sectors and done great outcomes ranging from Identities, Branding, Website Design, Marketing and many creative outcomes.  We are passionate about our work, and work closely with our clients to understand their problem, goals and the best outcome for them. A selection of our projects can be seen in our portfolio along with links to our work and our process.

Creative Typefaces

Our unique creative fonts are all handmade for use in your design work and brands.
Used by brands worldwide in everything from packaging, movies, posters, online and offline, fonts range from the creative handmade through to the modern and traditional that perfectly fit your
style and budget.

Albium Rounded Typeface

Quercia Slab Typeface

Plumpton Typeface

Griffon Chalk Typeface

Aneto Sans Typeface

Flumen Tech Typeface

Incision Papercut Typeface

Ottavia Round Typeface

Winchester handwritten Typeface

Happy Clients

We are proud of the work we do, and the feedback we receive.
Many clients return and we want to build long term relationships with them, knowing we are there to support them.