Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

What is a mission statement?

Craft Graphic – building creative brands for creative people.

Craft Graphic is our new home and our new website for branding and creative design. In 2019, we have rebranded from Sprout Studio (www.sproutstudio.co.uk) our graphic design portfolio website, and Thrift and Thistle (www.thriftandthistle.co.uk) our Creative Fonts site. We are bringing together our skills to one central website to showcase our custom branding work and new Design and Font Packages. Our mission is to build creative brands for creative people. We are looking to continue to work closely with clients on custom branding, whilst creating design packages which allow customers to buy our fonts packaged with everything they need to use design ready for use. Our unique font design packages are being rolled out through the next few months on many marketplaces. We are excited to release our fonts, now packaged with logo designs, business card designs, flyers and other templates to bring your design to life. We feel we have created something unique, that will allow businesses and designers the ability to buy a font package and build a brand identity quicker and easier. In each package, the variations are limitless, enabling your design to be unique.

How to Create your mission statement

Free Guide on How to Write your own Mission Statement

Summing up your business’s mission statement helps you focus you as a company, what you are aiming for. With our release, we are also looking to help businesses with our knowledge and will be releasing regular toolkits and guides for businesses. We have made a free summary guide to writing and creating your own Mission Statement. Download our Simple guide and tips on how to create your mission statement

Matt is a Graphic Designer and Web Designer based in the UK. Read about him, and his design work at craftgraphic.com


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Matt Rowan is a Designer based in the UK. With a passion for design, creativity and typography.
He has been working with clients big and small, creating Fonts, Identities and Brands for the past 15 years.
He is proud to support the companies he works with and see them develop and grow. Helping them understand who their client is and how to best speak to them.
Check out his portfolio and get in touch if you can see where he can work with you. From anything from web design, identity design through to for branding solutions and custom typefaces to help you stand out.

Craft Graphic

Matt Rowan is a Graphic Designer and Web Designer based in the UK. Read about him, and his design work at craftgraphic.com

Matt works with a wide variety of companies from start-ups through to medium and large size companies to support their branding and identity work. Our work has included customer type places for brands which have featured in a wide variety of formats from TV & film through to packaging and print.
Creativity is key to our work, but so is understanding the real problem I understand underlies the project. Every project starts with a conversation about how we can help where you want to be as a company.

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