Your Target Audience is not Everyone

Your Target Audience is not Everyone

Your Target Audience is not Everyone

One of the most important areas of your business is understanding your target audience. Trying to speak to everyone weakens your message and dilutes your brand without making any impact. Spread your coverage too wide and not targeted to an specific audience will make it hard to pinpoint your client’s and speak to them directly. Successful brands identify their audience and focus their branding directly at them.  Always ask yourself — Will my audience engage with this?

The definition of target audience in marketing is a group of consumers within an agreed target market, identified as the targets or recipients for a particular message.
The example of target audience might be discovering what kind of people are most likely to be interested in your service or product which might be broken down into Gender, Age, Profession or Location or perhaps other factors.

The only way to truly discover who your target audience is to conduct research.

Instead of creating all your marketing and hoping the right people find value in it, build your brand like it is created especially for an individual with specific needs, interests, and feelings. Make it a conversation with one person instead of a presentation for the everyone.  Understanding who your perfect client also gives you a big competitive advantage. Don’t waste time and money trying to be everything to everybody. Instead, when you identify your ideal client, you hold the key to connect directly to them.

How to Identify your Target Audience

When you  know who your audience truly is, rather than who you hope, it makes a genuine difference.  Start by identifying your audience. The following tools are very helpful to build this picture. Try to be impartial and learn as much as you can through this analysis, as it can truly be eye-opening and really change your whole brand and marketing.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics should be your first place to visit with the task of learning about your current website audience. This powerful free website performance analysis tool tells you a lot and is a wealth and a minefield of data about your website. If your website is performing well, this can tell you a great deal about your current audience and will help us to understand who your website is currently appealing to. From Google Analytics direct we can learn:

  • Well performing web pages of your website.
  • Average time your audience spend on a page of your website
  • Demographics (age/gender)
  • Location (worldwide location)
  • Traffic Sources — how they have found you?
  • What are your keywords? what is missing?

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool but can be difficult to easily find the information you require. Training in Google Analytics is worthwhile as it will open up information on the performance of your site, which you can use to adapt and improve your website and test any results.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trend analyses the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. Search by your Topics, drilling down to see the data of search by country, region and area. This may be relevant to you as a business, or to view what queries are performing  in your target demographic and industry. On a global scale this information is interesting to see the popularity of a search term and how you can use this as part of your keyword research.


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is used for Google Ads accounts on your website in order to build an ad campaign however, you can use this free keyword research tool to discover insights into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time. More specific than the above google trends, the ability to drill down is useful. By entering products or services closely related to your business it will show keywords around your topic it allows you to learn:

  • Competitiveness of these keywords, therefore what your audience is truly searching for
  • Frequency of the search
  • Competition for this search word
  • Assigned price to advertise a Google Ad for this keyword
  • Further allowing you to target by location, pinpoint keywords to then further research and build into your content.

A powerful tool, that is heavily underused to learn about your audience, in conjunction with Google’s other offerings. An adwords account would be required for this access, and therefore assigned to your domain and will work in conjunction with Google Analytics account.

Facebook audience insights

Facebook Insights – Facebook target audience

Facebook Audience insights is Facebook’s answer to Google Ads. It is targeted ad planner for Facebook which is a powerful tool which gives us not just an insight into your audience, but also how Facebook is using and analysing every part of our social media to promote specific advertisements.

Learn about the people who matter to your business so that you can understand what matters to them. Learn about their locations, interests and behaviours so that you can create target adverts and messages. Enter custom audiences, demographics, interests, behaviours and more to define your audience, and see how they are interacting with content.

“44% of people in Australia who are avid users of streaming services feel very satisfied with the music they discover through these services.”

The ability to drill down into Audience Insights, and Industry insights by gender, location, interests, Page Likes, Education, Job title and even “Life Events such as birthday, relationship status etc” and then target them with direct advertisements seems surreal and a little sordid. But is doesnt need to be. Once we learn about our audience, we know what we we can offer them and answer for them.

Target audience Facebook: What we can learn from Facebook insights

Use this tool to find out as much as possible to do your research on a consumer level. We can accurately find out more about:

  • Age range and gender for your product/service
  • related interests, hobbies and products
  • target demographic size by location and potential untapped audience areas for growth
  • other brands that they might like, websites and products
  • other related keywords, and how to target
  • content ideas for blogs and products and services to align with

This is a valuable free tool, that is connected to your Facebook business page, that once all the research is done and analysed, will help form a facebook advertisement based upon a true understanding of your audiences.

Bing Keywords

Stop guessing at what people are searching for and use the Bing Keyword Research tool to get keyword ideas and suggestions for your content. To access the Keyword Research tool, simply sign in or sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools. All query volumes and keyword suggestions are based on organic search, not on paid search or search advertising data, giving you the most natural ideas and accurate numbers.

Bing Tools are again linked to your domain and website much like to Google Tools, and are a form of advertising that shows accurate feedback on what is and isn’t working.  The depth of analysis on keywords is not as advanced as Google Adwords, however the simplicity of this system to show high ranking results based on keywords, Question topics, and related terms can give alternative results to Google. Simple tool that might give some further insights on where to make improvements and learn about your audience.


Pinterest Trends and Insights

Pinterest Insights

Pinterest is now offering advertising, and their tools to allow you to learn about their audience is interesting, as is the results of trending topics here:

Discover what people are looking for and using Pinterest for, and see if there is a correlation with areas that fit with your audience. Once you are actively building a following and posting to Pinterest on a regular basis, you can do analysis of Audience Insights – will show:

  • Learn your audience interests
  • See keywords to work into your content
  • Understand age and gender of your performing content
  • What location and device they are using

YouGov Audience Explorer - profiling database


YouGov offers a service for learning more about the wider public and can be used to identify the audience and their interests in particular sectors. Statistics on industries and users can be valuable on a wider understanding of your demographic. Here you may be able to learn more about:

  • Sector interests, likes and habits
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Related brands
  • Media habits

Fascinating to drill into this information and see if you can find out more about a clear picture of where you may be able to understand more about your area of the market you may not have already known.

Summarise your Target Audience Analysis

By the end of this research, from these tools, you should be able to gain some real insights on your audience. Now do the same with your direct competition and also with a company you may seek to be in line with. Through this comparison, you will be able to ask a lot of questions about who you are as a company now and what you may need to do to target your ideal audience. Can you now answer:

  • What can you answer about your target audience? Who is your Target Audience?
  • Who is looking for your product or solution?
  • Can you Build a true Customer Profile of who you want to target?
  • What can you learn from this?
  • Who are the people you should be targeting?
  • How big is their target audience?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How is your competition?
  • How are they finding you? Or more importantly not finding you.
  • What can you change or improve?
  • Can you see who your competition audience is? And how does this differ from yours?
  • What are they doing well, what could they do better?
  • See the good and bad points and be objective.


Tools and Links to more information about these tools and understanding your audience

This article only touches on tools that you can use to understand as much as you can about your audience online, and only skims the surface of each tool. There is much more training, research and learning of each of these tools online that would allow you to use them in more depth and extract as much information as possible about your audience.

Do you have tips and tools to add to this article? We value your input and feedback and be interested to hear from you.



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We work with a wide variety of companies from start-ups through to medium and large size companies to support their branding and identity work.
Our work has included customer type places for brands which have featured in a wide variety of formats from TV & film through to packaging and print.
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Craft Graphic

Matt Rowan is a Graphic Designer and Web Designer based in the UK. Read about him, and his design work at

Matt works with a wide variety of companies from start-ups through to medium and large size companies to support their branding and identity work. Our work has included customer type places for brands which have featured in a wide variety of formats from TV & film through to packaging and print.
Creativity is key to our work, but so is understanding the real problem I understand underlies the project. Every project starts with a conversation about how we can help where you want to be as a company.

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