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Our Bespoke Design Services range from Identity Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing through to full Branding Solutions. All our work stems from understanding our clients problems and goals, and together we work to design and build a unique outcome to help make your company thrive.

Every Project starts with a conversation, whether remotely, in person or over Email, we are interested in seeing where we can work with potential clients.

Initial Discussion

A Brief initial discussion, to understand your project is always the start of any project

Brief and Agreement

When the project goals and outcome are formalised and agreed upon with the client. This is then formed into a detailed brief, forming a set list of tasks, outcomes, timeframes and milestones for us both to adhere to.

Research and Understanding

Our Research into the clients market in order to understand where they fit and where they want to be. Researching competition, potential market, visual style, how to stand out etc

Initial Designs

Initial mockups of potential designs are worked up and presented to the client for discussion and feedback. The outcome is measured against the client and their audience, and the goals outlined. Dependent on the Brief, this feedback may lead to further designs and rounds of changes.


Client Input and feedback is important, and so all designs are presented for analysis against the brief, and for analysis from the potential audience.


Once the design is agreed upon and signed off by all those involved. It is ready to be applied to outcomes e.g websites, marketing collateral and promotion material.

Outcome and Finalisation

Once everything is signed off, agreed upon and the time is set. It is time for the brand release, and completion of the project. Many Clients are long term and this is only the beginning of us working together.

How we work

Our Process Explained
We have worked with some inspiring people in many sectors and have worked on some great outcomes ranging from Identities, Branding, Website Design, Marketing and many creative outcomes.
We are passionate about our work, and work closely with our clients to understand their problem, goals and the best outcome for them. A selection of our projects can be seen in our portfolio along with links to our work and our process.
Our Process is outlined as part of the starting of a project, where we are clear about meeting goals, deadlines and timeframes through and meeting stages in the process.
We work in a scheduled way against an outlined process, so that all work is monitored and outlined in the brief, for clarity in all involved.

Our Clients

We are proud of the work we do, and the feedback we receive.
Many clients return and we build a long term relationship with them, knowing we are there to support them.

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We can be undertaking up to 10 different projects per week at our busy times, ranging from Corporate Websites, App Design through to Font Design. Keep up to date with us @craft.graphic