Custom Typeface Design

A custom font can become the cornerstone of your brand

Unconsciously, a font can tell us so much about the businesses around us.  A font or typeface can do everything from representing the brand to increase clarity. It can be a personality or a tone of voice. A custom font ensures that every single message is on brand in every medium.

We are seeing more and more brands taking up the use of Custom font designs, to help keep a consistent style across different media while keeping their brand strong and versatile. Whether this is through a Brand Identity, logos with custom fonts, food packaging with its individual custom typeface or a movie with custom lettering – typography and lettering are being celebrated for its unique ability to convey a message and personality and attract an audience.


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Complete Custom Typeface Design

Building completely unique fonts for your brand. Visual Design from initial sketch design through to vector shapes, through to a unique font design for your unique use.


A Wide Range of Styles

Working in a wide range of styles from Hand drawn Sketch Designs, through to Corporate Typefaces. We have designed fonts for a wide range of Typefaces for Sale and for unique uses in brands. Our Fonts have been used in TV Titles, Movies, through to packaging and Books.


Stand out Brand

Custom fonts create unique brands. A brand can stand out from its concept, with the application of a typeface that ties together and underpins all visual designs. Making it simple to apply across multiple platforms, and keep a consistent style.


Unique fonts to your company

Custom designs, working with the client from feedback and development, the design is built from the beginning from a brief and requirements of the client.


Easy to use and apply

All our fonts are easy to use and to apply to designs.
Full opentype designs, with contextual alternates and custom flourishes. A typeface can be built with your brand in mind, on how it needs to be applied and for multiple uses.

Our Bespoke Font Design Service

A custom typeface can play an important part in a business’s communication and identity. Fonts are more than just letters when a unique typeface can bring a unique voice and identity. Branding can become stronger and easier to apply with a consistent message with a unique font.

At Craft Graphic, have been designing custom fonts for ten years, and have amassed over 50 custom font designs for unique companies and brands and a wide variety directly for sale and increased interest has brought our passion for lettering and typography to a new audience. Our designs range from the hand-lettered sketch styles, through to corporate technical typefaces, and custom designs for companies.

We are proud to have had our fonts and typefaces used in children’s books, corporate identities, packaging and movies, and been contacted to create designs specifically for companies looking to build their own custom typefaces for their brands.

Our Custom Typeface Work

A custom typeface can underpin your brand, bring a voice to all your marketing material and make you stand out for originality. Brands are looking for something to give them the edge, and custom fonts is proving to be something audiences are reacting to.

Craft Graphic are very professional in their approach and more importantly for us spent time understanding our business, our customers and our emerging and potential markets. I have no problem recommending Craft Graphic to any potential clients they may have.