Website Design Service

Your Website is your calling card to the world.

Creating a compelling and well-designed website has the potential to transform a business. It is much more than your calling card, it’s a tool that helps you grow, it’s your advertising, your shop front, and your presence to a wide and varied world and should be working to drive your potential audience to make the next step. Our Website Design services stand out.

We have seen website design continually evolve, and the technology, rules and goalposts change, but at the core, the intention is to:

  • Stand out- have a bold online presence so that people can find you easily.
  • Speak to your audience – understand their need
  • Tell your story – inform them of your offering
  • Convince them of your credibility
  • Drive interaction whether that be contact, a sale, or engagement

Full Website Design

A full website design from initial visual design through to build. A process that involves understanding the Goal of the website, the client process, and and effective design that speaks to your audience.

With years of experience, and knowledge in a wide variety of solutions, a website isn't about the CMS used, but the message you are looking to convey. 


Optimised Website Design

During a website build, the content is important, and is the starting point in the design. However, once the design is complete, optimising the content for your target keywords is now an imperative part of the design.
Our SEO specialists focus on this as a matter of importance as part of the design process. Leaving you without a worry that your website will perform.


Custom WordPress Websites

WordPress has become the CMS tool used by a lot more than just blogging, it served as a great content management system for small to medium sized businesses. Meaning that once your website is built, that is just the beginning, it can be managed, edited and built upon in house with your team. Truly becoming a tool for marketing, blogging, and speaking to your audience.


Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Websites

We have worked in Twitter Bootstrap Framework for the last 5 years, creating responsive, adaptive and accessible websites for custom HTML/CSS Websites for a wide variety of brands. The framework is clean, and simple, meaning the design comes first.


Bespoke Websites For Businesses

All our Designs are bespoke, and we don't use pre-built themes. This means the design is unique to you, built from the content first and a design that reflects your brand. Lovingly made, from people who care about our work and our clients.

Our Website Design Services

That’s where building your own website can be difficult. Understanding your key message, conveying the message and story you need to tell to engage with your audience and drive to then take action can be hard. Wrap this in a well designed engaging website is all just the beginning of being successful online.

Working with our SEO professional, we work not just to build your website, but to optimise and drive traffic to make contact. It then becomes a matter of continually driving traffic, and improving your website to make visitors navigate them to precisely the right point – where they choose to contact you or buy from you. A successful website then becomes about results – Is your site getting the audience it deserves? The results, traffic, enquiries, calls or emails to us are the results.

We know how to work with you to understand where you shine, and then present to you a design that will make you stand out to your audience. Together, we then work to continually interact with your audience, build your online presence, build a site that is a valuable tool for your business.

We have been designing and building websites since 2005, from small one page sites to content management systems, to payment websites for large-scale businesses. Working closely with clients to understand their problem, audience and goals we go through step by step. Whether to market their business, tell their story or generate a whole new online strategy. Our Website Design service involves:

  • We build a plan of action and design a website from the beginning to answer their individual needs
  • Many different standards and changing tech
  • Experiences in many different CMS solutions
  • WordPress custom themes
  • Responsive design
  • Managing over 70 websites globally
  • Dedicated servers
  • SEO in mind to help get them noticed
  • A wealth of knowledge and experience under our belt

Our Website Design Service Process

We work in a scheduled way against an outlined process, so that all work is monitored and outlined in the brief, for clarity in all involved.

  • Apr 9, 2020


    Every Project starts with a meeting together, in order to understand from the client their real underlying problem, and their goals. What would make this project successful?

  • Apr 9, 2020


    When the project goals and outcome are formalised and agreed upon with the client. This is then formed into a detailed brief, forming a set list of tasks, outcomes, timeframes and milestones for us both to adhere to.

  • Apr 9, 2020


    Our Research into the clients market in order to understand where they fit and where they want to be. Researching competition, potential market, visual style, how to stand out etc

  • Apr 9, 2020


    Initial mockups of potential designs are worked up and presented to the client for discussion and feedback. The outcome is measured against the client and their audience, and the goals outlined. Dependent on the Brief, this feedback may lead to further designs and rounds of changes. 

  • Apr 9, 2020


    Client Input and feedback is important, and so all designs are presented for analysis against the brief, and for analysis from the potential audience.

  • Apr 9, 2020


    Once the design is agreed upon and signed off by all those involved. It is ready to be applied to outcomes e.g websites, marketing collateral and promotion material.

  • Apr 9, 2020


    Once everything is signed off, agreed upon and the time is set. It is time for the website release, and completion of the Our Website Design project. Many Clients are long term and this is only the beginning of us working together.

Our Website Design Work

Craft Graphic are very professional in their approach and more importantly for us spent time understanding our business, our customers and our emerging and potential markets. I have no problem recommending Craft Graphic to any potential clients they may have.