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Virtual Events has become one of the most respected Event Management Companies in the UK. They specialise in large-scale events production, Weddings, Tour Management, Corporate or Conference Services, Exhibitions, as well as Global Scale VIP Events; including Formula 1 Hospitality, Royal and Celebrity endeavours. Virtual Events are passionate about their level of service and delivering an exceptional service to their clients and provide all their services in-house.

We have been working with Virtual Events since 2013, and have seen them dramatically scale in size over the past 5 years, building from a small company providing Wedding Services in the Berkshire Area, through to a Full-Service Events company, and one of the top Events Companies in the South East UK, supplying many international venues and providing services to other companies in the industry.

As their main form of business marketing, we have helped them grow in size and scale rapidly along with their growth as a company. Supporting them through branding design, Website,  Search Engine optimisation, Corporate Literature and recently a full brand redesign.

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Events Company Brand, Identity & Marketing

Working with the Company Director, we have formed a close working relationship, consulting upon all matters of Design, Marketing, Promotion and SEO allowing us to realise solutions quickly, we have a good working relationship, allowing us to work as a group to realise a solution and develop rapidly.

Design of Virtual Events in a scale-up of Services and Rebrand with a new modern brand to appeal to the wider Events industry, where Virtual Events has now repositioned itself to Both Corporate Events and providing:

  • Branding and  Identity Design,

  • Web Design and custom theme development

  • Server Hosting, SEO Services and Marketing

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Craft Graphic’s branding, website design and marketing, and their ongoing consistent support is integral to our business. As a direct result of their work we have won new business and continue to drive new sales.

Liam Peake | Veo Events