Free Vintage and Retro Fonts

by Matt Rowan

20 Free Vintage and Retro Fonts for use in your work

Finding good quality free vintage and retro fonts is difficult and time-consuming, so to help you source some designs font to free fonts for your next project we have put together the following list of some of our favourites.

Vintage fonts and retro fonts can bring a depth of design to work which evokes a real personality and tone of voice and your design. Adding age, texture and depth to your designs. Retro and vintage-style fonts cover a wide variety of styles throughout history, from Victorian Serif and Slab fonts, through to Art Deco fonts and 60s Fonts.

Retro is defined as reviving a style and especially the fashions of the past – fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned a retro style or look. These are may be nostalgic from the past, for example the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s style, but is a loose term that can follow many different font styles, and creative font effects.

The following retro fonts are free to use in your work at the time of producing this article. With all fonts always check the licensing restrictions and the usage restrictions before using in any commercial or personal work.


Ansley Free Vintage Font

Ansley Free Retro Display Font

Ansley Display is a retro-modern slab serif designed by Kady Jesko who decided to make it when he couldn’t find many free retro typefaces. It’s simple shapes and multiple weights means the font is ideally used for titles, displays and at large sizes.

  • Free for commercial and personal use
  • Display Slab Serif font
  • comes in 6 weights including a nice outline shape

Read more about this font and download from Kady Jesko portfolio on:


Berlin Free Retro Font Family

Berlin font Family

The Berlin Font Family by Antonio Rodrigues Jr is inspired by the classic geometric typefaces from the 20th Century. It features four versions, each one in three weights: regular, bold & X-bold.

  • Four Styles of Fonts in varying weights: Berlin, Berlina, Slabernin, Überlin 
  • Berlin is a clean sans serif font
  • Berlina is a geometric typeface with varying widths
  • Slabberlin is a clean modern slab serif
  • Uberberlin is a an uppercase block typeface with some nice swashes
  • Do check out Antonio Rodrigues Jr website to see his wide range of typefaces, many free or by Donation
  • Free for Personal and commercial purposes

View on Behance and link through to Antonio’s website to download direct.


Black Shore Vintage Free Font

Blackshore Paint Stroke font

Blackshore is hand-painted sans serif font from Pixel surplus. This bold & attractive font features the natural brush strokes and imperfections of anything hand-painted, giving you a truly authentic result.
Looks great at large sizes to show off the detail of the paint strokes, the imperfections and highlighted strokes made by the brush truly brings some personality to the type.
Blackshore free font can be used for many different styles of design. It would be suited to headlining an event poster, titling a website or advertising an apparel brand.
Blackshore Free includes a sample of characters from the SVG version.

  • Free for personal use but must be purchased for commercial use.
  • The full version of Blackshore includes both SVG & OTF formats and includes multilingual characters and accents

Read more about this font, see samples and interesting images of how it was made at the pixel surplus website.


Retro Free Font Booster

Booster Vintage Free Display

Booster Vintage Display is a handcrafted script vintage font, which gives a feel of vintage, classic or old worn style. This font has a  handmade look because the process of the creation the texture itself is well crafted and added carefully in each character. Booster comes with many alternate characters, titling, terminal forms, ligature and swashes.

  • Test and trial at the website
  • Swashes and Script shapes help add character to titles and logos
  • Available for Personal and commercial use
  • Use sparingly and adapt with retro effects for best usage results


Camar Vintage retro Free Font

Camar Free Font

This art deco-inspired vintage font was created for a set of postcards that needed a modern feel retro feel. The Bold shapes and interesting bars, mean this works great on banners and headings.  The featured OTF files include a total count of 187 glyphs for sending messages in commercials, banners. headers, logos, and branding pieces.

  • Well presented 
  • All Caps font with 187 glyphs
  • Great at large sizes
  • Use on heading and Banners

Cast Iron Retro Font Free

Cast Iron Free Retro Typeface

Jeremy Vessey creates some amazing typefaces, and the release of Cast Iron for Free is no exception. Cast Iron is a condensed geometric block typeface is very retro, and presented on behance in some great logo mockups. 

  • Uppercase font 
  • Great for Logos and Headings
  • Wide spacing works well for a retro effect
  • free for personal and commercial use
  • Now developed into a full font family for further use
  • Subscribe to Jeremy Vessey’s newsletter to download

Behance Link:


Retro Rough Font Comodo Free

Comodo Vintage Rough Sans Font

Comodo font family is a sans serif font that includes 4 font styles and is a vintage rounded uppercase family comes in a wide range of retro rough styles for a vintage effect.
Suited for packaging design, brand identity, any DIY project, book title, vintage design, it works well at larger sizes to see the rough detail. Packaged with Logo shapes for a vintage effect.

  • Regular, Rough Stamp and Vintage styles
  • Comes in TTF and OTF Files
  • Bonus Illustration and Logo shapes in Ai File format for use in your work
  • Personal and Commercial use


Escafina Retro Font

Escafina Vintage Typeface

Escafina is an upright script in 3 styles by Riley Cran, drawing from decades of inspirational lettering. This Free Font is great for logotypes, headlines, posters and other uses.

  • A balanced, upright script typeface with style & moxie!
  • Personal license therefore not free but pay what you want. 
  • For commercial use, you must purchse a license 
  • Opentype Features 
  • Contextual Alternates
  • Standard Ligatures

Try and test out at:


FabFelt Free Script Font

FabFelt Free Script Font

Fabfelt Script by French graphic designer Fabien Despinoy. “I tried to design a handwritten typeface without graininess, which is natural and a little retro,” he comments.

  • Flowing Script font
  • Friendly and easy to use in your work
  • Upper and Lowercase 
  • Free for Personal and Commercial use

Read more at Behance and on Fabien’s website:

Galleria Free Retro Font Duo


Galleria Free Retro Font Duo

Galleria Font Duo from Andika Fez that features a modern elegant style – perfect for branding, logos, invitations, mastheads and more.

Font Features :

  • Multilanguage
  • Ligatures
  • Alternates




Franq is a free Retro font from us at CraftGraphic! and can be downloaded from this website. A FREE friendly hand sketched and carefree font made with Jazz Album Covers in mind, using traditional ink and nibs to create a font with lots of personality. Franq is a warm and inviting font with lots of imperfections, and it’s the perfect choice for designs with personal and affectionate touch. With over 450 Glyphs, and lots of multi language support, give it a test and try it in your next design!

Test the Franq font below, and select FREE PURCHASE link to download and try it out in your next designs!

Muara Rough Free Font

Muara Rough Free Font

Muara Rough is a classic Serif Vintage All Caps typeface suitable for books, magazines, packaging, branding, signage and more another creative project. 

  • Serif Vintage All Caps
  • Rough texture effect 
  • All-caps characters
  • Over 330 glyphs 
  • Alternative characters such as Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Set, and Swash variant.

Nature Spirit Rough Free Font

Nature Spirit Rough Free Font

Nature Spirit is a unique vintage style font from Alex Joganic of 1871 Project.

It features 2 versions – Clean & Rough, and has retro stylings with many alternate characters for creating custom type. This is perfect for vintage branding, logo & label design, apparel, lockups and much more!

Palm Canyon Drive 1950s Retro Free Font

Palm Canyon Drive 1950s Retro Free Font

You can get a free sample of premium monoline script Palm Canyon Drive – designed by Amy Hood.

Inspired by mid-century Southern California, the retro font is perfect for adding some old-school west coast goodness to your designs. It’s as comfortable on a Tikki bar matchbook cover as it is on a Hollywood movie poster, and the sample weights are free for personal use. 

  • 1940s – 1950s Script Style
  • Free for Personal use
  • Download by signing up for newsletter


Pinewood Rustic Vintage Free Font

Pinewood Rustic Vintage Free Font

Pinewood from Harmonais Visual, is an all-caps handpainted rustic typeface. This font brings a rustic, retro vibe to your design. Suitable for logo designs, magazine, packaging, wedding papers and more.

  • Free for personal & desktop commercial use
  • All Caps font
  • Suitable for logo designs, magazine, packaging, wedding papers and more.


Restora Retro Free Font

Restora Retro Free Font

Restora is a mix of old-style roman serif styles. The combination of beautiful letterforms and old-style serif makes Restora a versatile type family that can be used in many different themes of design projects.

It comes in eight weights from thin to black with matching italics. Its mixture of weights provides a wide range of styles that will help you find the best vibe for your projects, from body text to big headlines, from classic style to modern, bold, and a bit funky style.

  • Download Two free fonts from the family 
  • It is well suited for book covers, editorial, branding, advertising and more. 
  • Suitable for personal and commercial use
  • Its OpenType features provide swashes, beautiful ligatures and stylistic alternates that give your typography a unique look.

Sherlock Press Retro Free Font

Sherlock Press Retro Free Font

Sherlock Press Retro Font is a vintage display font with 3 font styles including Clean, Rough, and Pressed. 

This is just a sneak peek of Sherlock Press Retro Font with basic characters and personal license only. So, if you wish to access more features and use it for commercial work, go get the full version as well!

  • Personal Use only
  • 3 font styles including Clean, Rough, and Pressed
  • great for Logotype, Branding Design, Logo Design, Digital Lettering Arts, T-Shirt/Apparel, Poster, Magazine, Signs, Advertising Design, and any vintage design needs.

West Side Retro Free Font

West Side Retro Free Font

Inspired by 1980s handmade poster designs and illustrations, here we present to you a block-styled handcrafted Free Vintage and Retro Fonts called West Side. This free to use font can be used to quickly give a retro feeling in your design.

  • Simple cut out style lettering, and a retro effect 
  • Great at Large sizes
  • Instant Illustrative style to your work
  • This font available for free and can be used to use in personal or commercial projects.
  • You can even use this to create products to sell such as t-shirts and greeting cards

Tradesmith Vintage Free Font

Tradesmith Vintage Free Font

Tradesmith is a Free Vintage and Retro Font from 1871 Project. This font is balance of vintage and industrial with squared characters and angled corners – suitable for pairing with other fonts to create authentic branding, logos. It includes 4 styles: Regular, Round, Rough & Stamp, which means you’ll be able to get a perfect character your project needs.

  • Free for personal & desktop commercial use
  • It includes 4 styles: Regular, Round, Rough & Stamp
  • Suitable for pairing with other fonts to create authentic branding, logos

Whisholder Retro Free Font

Whisholder Retro Free Font

Whisholder is a free vintage and retro Fonts is inspired by vintage lettering sign and art. Victorian touch that looks solid and bold, comes in adventure and camp vector that is ready to use and to create vintage letterings.

Whisholder is perfect for branding projects, logo, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, invitation, stationery, and any projects that need handwriting taste.

A free vintage font– Whisholder is a great typeface for achieving an authentic vintage aesthetic as seen in the display images.


Do you have tips and tools or Free Vintage and Retro Fonts to add to this article? We value your input and feedback and be interested to hear from you to contribute your links and resources to share.


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Font Licenses Explained

Desktop License

The licensed font can appear in unlimited commercial and personal projects including, but not limited to, physical end products, social media, broadcast, packaging, and paid ads.

Can be used for

  • Web app and website usage Only in rasterized form
  • Games Only in rasterized form
  • Design or Print-on-Demand applications Only the Licensee may use the font to create a completed end product

Cannot be used for

  • Embedding fonts files Must always be used in rasterized form

Webfont License

The licensed font can appear in multiple websites owned or controlled by the Licensee. Pageview limit agreed upon at checkout.

Can be used for

  • Web app and website usage Only displayed in the Licensee’s website(s), within the agreed upon pageview limit.
  • Embedding fonts Only within the Licensee’s website(s) and agreed upon pageview limit

Cannot be used for

  • Games
  • Design or Print-on-Demand applications
  • Desktop use

App License

The licensed font can appear in one application.

Can be used for

  • Games Font can be embedded, but not extractable
  • Embedding Fonts Font can be embedded in desktop apps, games, and mobile apps but cannot be extractable.

Cannot be used for

  • Web app and website usage
  • Design or Print-on-Demand applications

E-pub License

The licensed font can appear in one title.

Can be used for

  • Embedding Fonts Font can be embedded in epubs, but cannot be extractable

Cannot be used for

  • Web app and website usage
  • Games
  • Design or Print-on-Demand applications