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Amazing Wonders is a small independent UK team focusing on the travel sector, who required a full travel brand design for a series of luxury travel guides aimed at independent travellers. Each guide features outstanding destinations, exceptional hotels and fabulous restaurants with valuable tips and local knowledge to enable you to plan a truly amazing travel experience. A new concept in luxury travel guides, Amazing Wonders has created a collection of brand new travel guides, designed for you to independently plan a truly exceptional, personal experience to faraway countries.

Established in 2014, Amazing Wonders endeavours to create a guide that gives the user a taste of a location and the tips and tools to explore on their own with fantastic knowledge only real research can provide. Amazing Wonders realised as a gap in the market for independent travellers who want a luxury experience, travelling to an itinerary pre-planned journey in style, but independently. Not following the usual tour group experience, but seeing the best, the Amazing Wonders have to offer.


Branding, Identity & Marketing

  • Each guide features a detailed bespoke journey through one country, uniquely crafted to enjoy many fantastic sites and locations, guiding the reader through amazing destinations, restaurants and hotels. Filled with insider tips, and designed to avoid the crowds, even at infamously busy tourist sites, each book guides you through a journey usually only possible through booking with bespoke travel companies.
  • Each journey is meticulously researched, planned and experienced, hands-on testing on timings, restaurants, Hotels and travel plans make these bespoke journeys in line with a high-end travel company.
  • The guides are targeted at the high-end market, specifically the 45+ age group.
  • The book and website are supported by interactive Google Maps, online guides and journey planning itineraries to make the journey unique for the user.
  • Exclusive itineraries our journeys are uniquely crafted to avoid the crowds and heighten the experience. Typically only the expensive bespoke travel companies offer a similar experience.
  • Travel independently to far away destinations with confidence to enjoy the freedom to travel in comfort, at your own pace.
  • Book direct with all the information to save hours of planning using our daily agendas.
  • Tips to avoid the crowds: at the world-famous sights and explore lesser known experiences instead of all the ‘must see sights’.
  • Featuring independent recommendations and reviews of the top restaurants and hotels along the journey.
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Outcomes & Results

Amazing wonders initially required a brand aimed at its target audience, and to start building its online and offline presence, to establish itself in a small and saturated market. A small team of author/adventurer, travel expert, and we worked together for 2 years to help bring a selection of three books to market. In 2017 the books Italian Cities, Scotland, Japan and China we presented to significant publishers and released online, with another three books to be published in 2019.

This is not a typical project, but a joint collaboration, working closely with the team to develop a full brand, products and marketing within a short period. We were closely involved in the creation of the content, in layout and photography, travel, and production of the publications, advising on every step and working together to release a high-quality publication in a short time. Finally working together, we approached large publishing houses and pitched the book in a finished and detailed form.

We worked closely with the author to realise his vision and create:

  • Identity System for a high-end travel publication
  • Identity and Branding Design for the international market
  • Branding system that allowed the guides to approach both hotels, restaurants, airlines, investors and publishers.
  • The Books have been designed and photographed to give a full sense of the luxurious journey.
  • As a team, we have written and designed three completed books, and have material for a further nine travel guides in the series.
  • Book design, layout, editing and photography editing, Each book over 200 pages. We were responsible for the full design process working closely with the author, a series of 5 books, designed and published with over 200 pages in each.
  • We were responsible for the full design process, bringing the identity, brand, website, marketing and all publications to market.
  • Within 3 years Amazing Wonders has built its reputation worldwide with hotels, travel excursions, and international trade shows. This had led to meetings with some of the large publishing houses
  • In 2017 we looked to partner with a publisher to bring this to bring these books to market, and 3 books were presented to High-end publishers and are currently being discussed is a collaboration and release of the books.
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We were delighted we chose CraftGraphic to create all our branding, book designs and complete imagery for Amazing Wonders. They helped us every step of the way to create the excellence we hoped for and more…

Amazing Wonders