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Established in 2003, Profund Limited is an investment company registered in the United Kingdom. The company’s principal investment is the Head Lease of One America Square, a landmark office tower located in the City of London providing high-quality space for over 2,000 people, working for leading financial, insurance and other service companies who are tenants in the building.

The Profund group is an established investment company responsible for several substantial developments and landmark properties throughout London.
The current version of the website was required to give a new refreshed look to the established company. So we worked closely with the director to create a new brand identity and online website to represent a number of their previous undertakings whilst also highlighting their recent charitable efforts.
The new brand is simple but effective within an established and approachable identity reflected throughout the website in a responsive design.

Looking ahead, Profund is planning to make charitable donations to help others reach their potential, flourish responsibly and contribute towards a sustainable future. The website and brand are adaptable as the brand grows in this direction.

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Branding, Identity & Marketing

The Profund brand design required a new refreshed identity in order to appeal to a wider audience.
The changing face of the company was required, as the brand and identity was now looking to be forward-thinking, fresh, and taking the company in a new direction with their charitable efforts in 2021.
Working closely with the managing director, the brand was shortlisted from the number of designs and taken forward. Through a series of development and edits to create an established design that used contemporary website editors, and CSS3 effects to bring the content and large photography-based website to life.
The identity using a classic typeface speaks well to both audiences and fits well with the photography Commission for the project.
The brand identity lead on to a fully new website build, along with new marketing material, brochure, and another advertisement to build the brand quickly and easily.
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Craft Graphic’s branding, website design and marketing has been impeccable. Their knowledge and expertise are exactly why we work with Matt again and again.

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