Events Company Brand

Yocally is a new start-up service which required a social community brand, based upon the concept that together a local community can be the best way to share opinions, feedback, and create events. Building a new local business reputation can be difficult, especially for High Street businesses that are looking to promote themselves to a new audience.

Yocally had the idea of using the local community as a form of social advertising. Allowing the ability for the community to get behind a local business and produce pop-up events where a guaranteed deal is offered and agreed beforehand to promote and support a new business.


Brand built around community

For a business to create an event and have a guaranteed ticketed, sold-out events before opening is a gamechanger. It showed the community what the business has to offer, and built their reputation with the community from day one.
Through the Yocally Website and app the user can find out all about what is currently going on in your area and all the information from opening times, restaurant menus to events and offers.

Yocally also provided impartial information on your area, with local businesses, restaurants, pubs and local events information at your fingertips. All the information in your area in one place.
Crowdsourced deals, innovative marketing and advertising opportunities and community involvement all combined with a website that is a resource for a local area made Yocally stand out.

We were approached by Yocally to come up with an innovative identity and innovative and friendly brand to promote the new service.
Initially rolled out to local businesses and in small communities as a promotional tool. Designs were used to garner interest from the local area and promote the community hub as a form of advertising and promotion to local towns and cities.

The Work with Yocally involved initial identity design, which quickly grew with the company and its growth in the local area. Outcomes included:

  • Logo and Identity Design
  • Marketing Material in the form of Business Cards, Letterheads, Postcards and Promotional Leaflets
  • Custom WordPress Website Design and Build
  • Local SEO campaign, working with our In-house SEO Specialist on a monthly SEO campaign through Organic and Paid PPC to boost local rankings.
  • Continued ongoing support with the company as they grew.
27 inch imac 2011
yocally designs

The Yocally brand was received really well, and gave us scope to build the brand as the company grows