PCI Telecom

Telecoms Company Branding

PCI Telecom is an ambitious UK technology specialist focusing on telephony and e-commerce PCI DSS solutions. They are focused on delivering solutions to merchants who feel restrained by the requirements of PCI DSS.

PCI Telecom’s hosted telephony and card processing platform is unique in its offering a simple, secure phone payment solution. They are taking the difficulty and restrictions of being PCI DSS compliant company.

Completely Secure, Easy to Install into your existing system, while being the UK’s most affordable attended payment solution. Providing businesses with PCI DSS compliant phone payment line without the headache. Making compliance a much smaller consideration, and easier to re-focus on what matters to your business and your customers.

Simple to use & accessible on any phone system. No changes to your numbers or infrastructure; it is Ensuring Level 1 PCI DSS compliance with ease while breaking the current model in the industry.

We have been working with PCI Telecom since it was created in 2015. During the start-up period of the company, we were tasked with developing a new brand to make them stand out against the competition in the payment technology sector. Consisting of Logo Design, Icon Set, Typeface and Application to Website CMS, Marketing and promotional Material.

Through an engaging landing page, good use of photography and simple concept. We produced a design that was engaging, adaptable and easy to build upon as the company grew rapidly through the past for years.

As the company has grown, so has the brand. This concept has been adapted to be used on marketing material, individual service icons, branding and adapting for payment gateways, and also for exhibition displays and promotion purposes.

pci telecom

Branding, Identity & Marketing design

Working closely with the Director/owner, I worked with them over months, consulting upon design, marketing, and promotion issues. 

By discussing the underlying goals and ambitions of the company, we were able to create a coherent brief, to place them competitively in the market alongside their competition. 

The brand was designed to stand out, impact, and show that the company was bold and vibrant young and different. 

The Telcoms Company project involved:

  • Branding and Identity Design
  • Custom Icon set design to represent each of the client solutions.
  • Marketing material including business cards, datasheets, promotional displays and exhibition displays. 
  • Web Design and custom wordpress theme development
  • Server Hosting, SEO Services and Marketing
pci tablet
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We are very pleased with the PCI Telecom branding, which helped to launch us into a new sector and help us stand apart from the competition

Chris Coe | PCI Telecom